Bail Costs

Bail Costs for Garden Grove

When someone wishes to be released from jail, they generally must post bail. Bail is basically a monetary guarantee that the offender will appear for all scheduled court dates in his or her case. Bail may be too high for the defendant to pay, which is where a bail bonds agency comes in. The bail bondsman will post bail for you and is responsible for your appearance in court.

Bail costs are set differently for each state. In California it is decided by the California Department of Insurance. The current law is that the defendant must pay of fee of 10% the bail. This means if your bill is set at $5,000 you must pay $500. This is generally paid upfront, and it is non-refundable.

Be wary of those companies offering for you to pay less than a 10% premium. These agencies are acting illegally, and thus can be considered to be acting outside the law. This means they cannot really help you get out of jail.


Another possible cost of bail is collateral. This may sometimes be required under certain circumstances to be sure that you won’t skip out on bail. Collateral can be in the form of money or property that the bail bondsman holds until after your trial is complete if you have shown up to all your court dates.

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