Bail Bonds Services in Garden Grove

No one wants to get that phone call finding out their family member or friend is in jail. Getting such news may make you feel lost and helpless, but you don’t have to be. Bail bonds agencies are companies that can help your loved one get out of jail quickly and home to you. So when you talk with your loved one be sure to get:

  • Their full name
  • Location of their arrest
  • What jail they are in

GavelThis information is what Garden Grove Bail Bonds needs to help you. We use this information to keep updated on exactly what is happening on your loved one’s case including when their arraignment occurs and what bail is set at.

The next step is for us to meet with you in your home or meet the offender at the jail. Here we discuss all jail release options and their benefits. We will decide together what is best for you and implement the plan. If you choose to go with a bail bond, we will go through your paperwork in detail, so you know what you are signing, then explain the entire process to you.

Our next job is to post bail. Shortly after that, you or your loved one is released from custody. Remember, a bail bondsman’s purpose is to make sure you show up to your court dates. If you skip out on bail, the full bail is due by the bondsman or your indemnitor, so be sure to show at all of the court dates. If you need a trial lawyer, Garden Grove Bail Bonds has a network of expert attorneys ready to help with your case.

For all of your bail bond service needs, contact us today at 714-769-6140.