Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunting in Garden Grove

Bounty hunting originated in England in the 13th century when bail was the term for a person. Basically, someone was deemed responsible for a fugitive so that if that fugitive ran, this person was punished in place of the fugitive. A monetary bail system became the way of life during the 17th century. Bounty hunters were not given specific rights, however, until the 19th century.

Bounty hunting is still legal in most of the United States, though rules for each state vary. Only three states have outlawed bounty hunting.

The important thing to remember is that many of the rights a bounty hunter has comes from the contract between a bail bonds agent and the offender. By signing the bail contract they give up all of their legal rights if they decide to skip town. So, when they skip out on bail, the bounty hunter searching for them gains rights to pursue them.

This means that a bounty hunter need not have any kind of warrant or permissions beyond paperwork proving the person they are pursuing is a fugitive and sometimes a certified copy of the bond. Bounty hunters may enter private property belonging to the offender and can arrest them without the reading of the Miranda Rights.

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