Following Arrest

The Arrest Process

Having a loved one arrested can be confusing especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. There is a procedure that each Garden Grove police department follows for arrests. The processing time will vary depending on how busy of a jail your family member or friend was taken to.

The first thing that happens when someone arrives at jail is a full search. This is where the police will look for contraband, weapons, and drugs on the person and confiscate them. At this time, all personal belongings will be taken as well. Usually the offender will sign an inventory of their items, and they will not be returned until he or she is released.

The next step of being arrested is processing. This is where the offender is fingerprinted and cross referenced in the national criminal database. This is to make sure they update the records accordingly and that they catch other identities, past criminal history, and warrants someone might have.

After all this is complete, options for release are often provided as well as a phone call. This is the time to share information with loved ones so that they can get jail release help. From there, all that’s left is to wait for the arraignment and for bail to be set.

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