How Bail is Set

Setting Bail in California

Bail in California must be set annually by judges. The judges in each county are responsible for setting a bail schedule. This schedule tells what the bail amounts will be for each specific crimes within the county. Generally, the more serious the crimes, the higher the bail amount will be.

However, the bail amount doesn’t relay entirely upon the bail schedule. The bail schedule is simply a guideline to keep bail prices for each crime fair. The judge has the right to change this bail amount at the arraignment. There are many reasons a judge may not use the bail schedule including:

  • The offender has a huge flight risk
  • The offender is a danger to public safety
  • The offender is under the poverty level
  • The defendant is very wealthy
  • The offender has a long criminal history

Public safety is considered the most important of the factors in this decision. Flight risk is also highly important because the whole reason for bail is to make sure a defendant show up at all their court dates.

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