Jail Release Options

How to Get Released from Jail

You may not know this, but there are actually five different release options that you have once you have been taken into police custody in Garden Grove. These options should be discussed and thought about before making a final decision.

Option 1: Cash Bail

Cash bail can be an east option is you or a loved one has a large amount of money you can pay up front. This is a very quick option for getting out of jail. This money is also refundable following the trial.

Option 2: Bail Bond

A bail bond is probably the most common way to get out of jail. Many people simply don’t have a lump sum of money to hand over, so they go through an agency who can post bail for them. This option means paying only a small percentage of the bail cost and contracting with a bail bondsman to show up to all court dates.

Options 3: Property Bonds

This option is the rarest because of the repercussions. If your bail is set very high so that they amount of the bond is too high to pay, a defendant may choose to use property as a bond. The property must be appraised at 150% of the bonds amount. The court then puts a lien on the property and will foreclose on it in the case of bail jumping.

Option 4: Released on Own Recognizance

This is an option for those who have a lot of ties to the community such as family, friends, and a steady job as well as little or no criminal history. The judge may trust that such a person could be responsible for showing up to trials without the guarantee of money or property.

Option 5: Cite Out

A cite out is when you are given a citation for a minor or trial crime. Once the information about the charge and court dates have been given to you, you are free to go.

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